Thank You (Fruit) Baskets!

Fashionasty has a banana hammock full of digital x’s and o’s to hand(job) out!

What better w(g)ay to (s)express my gratitude than with my own local, organic, fruity nuts?! Of course, I’m gonna wrap them up in a fruit basket FIR$T b4 I present them to each of you! (Duh!)

Biggie Kissies to Jahna Peloquin for featuring Fashionasty in!

Hugs B4 Drugs to Minneapolis Affair for snappin’ my snatch…
naught(y) just once, but twice…(even with it snowing!)

What’s that dangling from my neck, (my back)?:
Y(SL), it’s a one-of-a-kind beaded necklace made by the Master Beader/H.B.I.C. (Head Beader In Charge)/my amazing sister Alexis Thompson!

I’m domming a rainbow sheer jumpsuit from Rewind Vintage’s perignon!

To my sister, sister Alexis Thompson for picking Fashionasty as her AbFab pick-of-the-week on myTalk! I U!

And to all of YOU fashionasties that are brave, beautiful, burger babes that live ur life with ur own set of rules, & don’t apologize for it! A biggie reason I moved back to the Mini was b/c of all the gaymazing peeps like YOU!

This gratitude was fully realized last night at the So Homo! Fundraiser for Tim Steeves at the Imperial Room. Loving, strong, fabulous, badasses celebrating unity/community 2gether. My fashionasty heart is overwhelmed!

Thanxxx for reading, supporting, & (s)inspiring me here/queer at Fashionasty Headquarters!!!

I know these cum w(g)ay past their (s)expiration date, butt, I just wanted u all to know u fulfill my daily potASSyum.

I’m truly, madly, deeply thankful for the recognition!!!




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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2 Responses to Thank You (Fruit) Baskets!

  1. Rugburns says:

    Deeply deeply (deeper! deeper!) grateful for your presence and your graciousness at So Homo!, lover. You’re the reason I drag my tall shiny can out of bed in the “morning.” xoxoxoxo,

  2. Alexis Thompson says:

    Thank you for being you! Love you! Thank you for rocking my jewelry 🙂

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