R.S.V.P.residential Debates 2012: Obama Vs. Romney

Fashionasty Presents:
R.S.V.P.residential Debates 2012:
Obama Vs. Romney


Happy October 3rd, fashionasties:


Want to follow my drunken tirade tonight on twitter?



Can Knope just win already?


OK, so like right now for example,
the 2012 Presidential Debates begin tonight…(9:00-10:30PM EST)

Here’s/queer’s like an article or whatever about what Obama and Romney are going to talk about about (i.e. “domestic issues — three segments on the economy, one on health care and a finale pegged to “the role of government” in U.S. life –“)…

All [Obama] cares about is school, his mom, and his friends…


I watched PBS’ Half The Sky program last night about women’s oppression all around the world. (Which, shout-out to my girl America for supporting/participating in something that is a game/world changer):

Ugly Betty, 2008

Besides it’s revolutionary ideology, the concept rings true about women’s right right here in America! And if you’re going to vote/support a man (*cough* Mitt *cough* Romney) that doesn’t support your sport’s bra/ is going to put more laws on women’s bodies/choices, than a) Boo! You whore! and b) I’m literally not going to every be able to three way call you ever again. Like, I’ll just keep you on hold and never pick up.

Sorry to be viral,
butt like wouldn’t it be macro if the setting was more like Mr. Duvall’s class:

Never thought I’d say this: BUTT DON’T BE CLUELESS
(Othewise, OF COURSE larp as Cher Horowitz with me 365 days out of a fashionasty calendar year!)

Being informed is SEXY, fashionasties!

Stay smart, stay a smart ass, and stay fashionasty!




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