Make A Deal With Your TV: Hail A Cab To 666 Park Avenue ASAP! It’s A Must-See!

Fashionasty Presents: 
Make A Deal With Your TV:
Hail A Cab To 666 Park Avenue ASAP! It’s A Must-See!

ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” premiered tonight.

And how
are we?!

I love Fall. The leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes (hold the pumpkin, hold the latte!), the scarves….but more than anything, I love Fall because of TV premieres. Even in junior high my sister and I would fawn over Romy Gilmore’s boy crushes (Jesse > Dean).

Let’s cut right to the chase.

It’s a killer hit! It’s spooky! It’s campy!
And oh, I just love seeing Vanessa Williams back on the tube again!


I’d TOTES get past the whole ‘666’ thing to live in the lap of lux at
“The Drake.”

It’s seductive. It’s fun. And the Dorans are about as badass as it gets.

I truly engage with the TV screen when I find something truthful in the story /  characters. AND – miraculously, when ‘666’ was filming the pilot – I was dogsitting for my boss on a different TV show that just so happened to be at the building NEXT DOOR to where “The Drake” was in Harlem. And let me just say that those buildings are beautiful during the day, but something entirely different by night…



Beethoven plays as flawless queen Vanessa Williams and Terry ‘O Quinn AKA The Dorans  gaze down at the commoners *cough* I mean the orchestra playing. Vanessa’s got her smirk ON LOCK because not even a minute into the show, and we get a Wilhelmina eyebrow raise AND can she be anymore gorgeous?! #IDon’tThinkSo.

LONG STORY SHORT: We’re introduced to a man playing the violin. He cuts his finger and it’s a pentagram’s wet dream how much blood spills on his sheet music. It cuts to him back at “The Drake” (666 Park Ave) – the lavish, yet sinister apartment complex and it’s evident he is on the run. He didn’t fulfill a “deal” he made with Gavin Doran (Terry ‘O Quinn) and knows it will cost him his life. Let me just say that you don’t want to be this violin dude because he was gone in sixty nine seconds!

THEN: We met Jane and Henry – a couple from Queens – who become the new managers of “The Drake.” Throughout the episode we learn more and more about how The Drake is haunted by ghosts, tenants make deals with literally the devil (or atleast Gavin who must communicate with the horned man), and whether they can keep their bargains is up to the pact they make. We also learn how the Drake had a horrific fire where many tenants died. ALSO: Olivia and Gavin’s daughter, Sasha, died a long time ago as well.
(Which I have a hunch to pick! Anyone else think the little girl with the chipped blue nail polish nails is their daughter? And in order to keep her alive, they sacrifice tenants? Anyone else agree?)

Besides the obvious campiness (the Dorans live on the 13th floor, jokes about tenants “moving to warmer place”…[i.e. Hell/Hades/etc.], and the ghosts [which let me warn your goosebumps. It’s really scary when they deliver unexpected cameos…#justsaying!], the most powerful thing for me is that ANYONE can live at the Drake. It’s pretty clear that the majority of the tenants come from an eclectic range of socio-economic backgrounds, races, and backgrounds. Which kind of brings everyone down to Earth. Like anyone can make a deal with the devil in order to have and/or make the kind of life they see for themselves and how far they are willing to go to continue / keep up with the Joneses for it.


I will definitely be tuning into ‘666’ weekly and giving you reviews every the Monday morning after (s)pill!

This post brought to you by Episode 2’s promo:




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