Happy 1 Year West Memphis 3: “I Walked Off Death Row Exactly One Year Ago Today.” – Damien Echols

“Usually what people don’t understand, they try to destroy or ridicule.
Try to make it look bad or wrong.”
– a then 18 year old Damien Echols

Fashionasty Presents:
Happy 1 Year West Memphis 3:
“I Walked Off Death Row Exactly One Year Ago Today.” – Damien Echols 

Oscilating between Buffy The Vampire Slayer (OMG I’m obsessed! Why did I not watch this in highschool? Willow would’ve been my patriarch for coming out sooner aka high school! Ugh!) & The Paradise Lost trilogy the past few weeks has basically morphed Fashionasty Headquarters into the dancer of it’s own dark.

Morbid as it may be, for those of you who don’t know,
The West Memphis 3 case is super heavy, but very important.
I think every fashionasty should be clued in!

Click HERE/QUEER to learn about it. (LOL #I’mLazy)

OR: read my version below…

CLIFF NOTES VERSION (I would make the worst reporter):
OK…so…three eight year olds were brutally murdered and dumped in the Robin Hood Hills of Arkansas in 1994. Keep in mind when watching the documentary, I would postpone lunch til post viewing. If the crime scene photos don’t make your stomach turn, Mark Byers (the crazy religious fuck with missing teeth will). Overcome by how horrific slash savage the crime was, the small town of West Memphis turned to “satanic panic” and pulled a modern day Salem witch hunt, accussing then – three teenagers, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie MissKelly AKA The West Memphis Three of performing a satanic ritual. They weren’t given a fair trial and so much of the evidence against them was questionable: i.e. wearing black and listening to Metallica is not real evidence btw dumbass judges of West Memphis. They were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison (like, so fucked up slash holy shit), and Damien Echols, the supposed ringleader, was sentenced to the death penalty. Through the Paradise Lost documentaries, and the men requesting re-trials throughout the last twenty years, they garnished a worldwide support system of fans wanting justice brought for these men who’s lives were totally ruined by a jank court system. Fortunately, they were all released from prison and have been out from behind bars for a year today.

EW! It’s such a symbol of fucked up slash botched politics and power and how  judgement and bullying really can AFFECT and change people’s lives. If every fashionasty was judged on the basis of our outward appearance, our outfits, our interests and musical tastes, we’d all be locked up too!

The West Memphis 3 could’ve been any of us, and it’s a miracle that they are alive today! That’s why our community needs to support one another and continue to work for what is right and what is fair.

FYI: Watch Part 1 HERE/QUEER and it’ll link you to the other two as well. Sorry HBO…

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