“The Fact Is, I’m An Alien.” – Anderson Cooper Comes Out On Nat’l UFO Day

[Original (F)artwork by Fashionasty Jake]

Fashionasty Presents:
“The Fact Is, I’m An Alien.”
– Anderson Cooper Comes Out On Nat’l UFO Day

Anderson Cooper comes out. #BORING/#DUH. What reporters failed to address was the precise timing of his coming out. It happened to fall on National UFO Day. Coincidence, cosmic irony, OR Alien Civil Rights agenda?! (Se)xxxperts at Fashionasty Headquarters have important evidence to support claims that not only is Anderson Cooper = Alien Cooper, butt bi-(curious) Cooper’s statement, maybe more aliens will


Daria taught me a lot of things. Namely, wearing a turtleneck = you’re an alien. Just (sausage) in case you forgot, in Season 2/Episode 3, H.M.C.I.C. (Head Misery Chick In Charge) Daria Morgendorffer is paranoid Quinn is an (s)extra terrestrial life force when she begins dressing like “a brain.”

“Quinn The Brain”
[Clicky Licky if you haven’t seen this episode!]

Anderson Cooper wears a lot of turtlenecks…


She cums from Outer-Space, from, from Outer-Space…

It doesn’t take 60 minutes to put two and two 2gether, fashionasties! Alien Cooper has had multiple kikis with Mother Martian, Lady Gaga. #BORNTHISWAY/#BEYONDTHISGAY


We here/queer at Fashionasty Headquarters have an ACTUAL photograph of Alien Cooper:

In conclusion, THE FACT IS, we’re all gay here/queer at Fashionasty. Just know, that from where ever you are reading this, or whatever life force you are, IF YOU FEEL ALIENATED, OTHER-WORLDLY, BEYOND-CE, JUST KNOW YOU ARE (SE)XXXTRA TERRESPECIAL TO ME, AND YOU ALWAYS HAVE A HOME(O) IN MY UFO’S (UNIDENTIFIED FASHIONASTY OBJECT) HEART.

Now can we plze focus on more pressing news like TomKat’s divorce…

This post approved by the original Alien Cival Rights activists:




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One Response to “The Fact Is, I’m An Alien.” – Anderson Cooper Comes Out On Nat’l UFO Day

  1. jamezicarius says:

    Is that Goth Kelly Bundy sitting on the steps with Andy Coo?

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