Totally Rufus!: Josie Grossie’s “Never Get Dissed” Fashionasty™ Guide To D.R.A.G. Race ♚ Royalty ♚

Fashionasty Presents:
Totally Rufus!:
Josie Grossie’s “Never Get Dissed” Fashionasty™ Guide To D.R.A.G. Race ♚ Royalty ♚

Josie Geller.

Writer. Fashion Icon. Philanthropist. & Drag Queen.
(Yes, drag queen.)

You may have been turning the leaf of your biological tree-of-life with twelve year old branches when “Never Been Kissed” hit theaters. Butt a decade and a third later and I’m still confident in saying that Josie Geller can teach us everything we need to learn about being fashionasty.

If you follow these step-bi-curious-steps,
Naught(y) only will you “Never Get Dissed,”
butt U 2, can be the tEEn QuEEn RoYaLtY u always dreamed of!!!


Before you get your Judies in a Butt-ler, go with me here/queer…

Drag = being dressed to resemble another gender.
Butt, in Josie’s world DRAG = Dressed To Resemble Another GENERATION.


We live in a time of tumblr,
where EVERYTHING is derivative (Madonna copying Gaga copying Madonna, etc.).

We collect images, ideas, inspirations, INFLUENCES…

…of what we think, want, desire, REFLECTS a generation…

…and walk the fashionasty catblock. Meow!

Unfortunately, OUR generation holds little hope if you ask me. The entirety of the East Village’s butt-rito is STUFFED with fist-bumping fratties without a cause these days. And sadly enuff, the world epidemic that is the KarKrashians will probably define us (a.k.a. leggings, white v-necks, and cardigans with gladiator sandals a.k.a. The Fabric Of Our Thighs).

We kind of deserve a cultural flour bomb for how poorly represented our generation is! Peeps need to stop putting their insecurities on  those that are ACTUALLY willing to be brave with their clothing rather than getting lost in a KarKrashian k-hole and keeping it basic to your b(r)itches. Stop side-eyeing the Josie Grossies of the world because they’re the ones embracing and influencing fashion.

Besides, we all know there is only ONE fashionasty who can really pull off leggings:



Re-living the highs of High(420)Skool sounds like a nightmare! Unless of course you do it in style. Josie Geller DRAGGED her way to tEEn QuEEn RoYaLtY in some of the best fashionasty garbs:


[Screengrabz by Fashionasty] 

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor D(g)ay?!?! Mono-chromatic never dies young. AND – with a frosty lip, feathers, and a clear fruit vinyl bag – you might as well be nominated for a CDFA if you ask me!!!

Rather than giving up carbs for Lent, GIVE INTO MONGOLIAN GOAT’S FUR.

2) BE NA$TY.

Unfortunately, YouTube took down the infamous pot brownie dance (which is my all time favorite)…besides Julia Stiles #whitegirlsproblems “Hypnotize” dance in 10 Things I Hate About You…

[Screengrabz by Fashionasty]

Butt Josie’s dance, reminds us all that u can’t knock Haute Topic…or anywhere that keeps patent leather anything. They may just crown you the bell dujour of the dance floor.



About 98.6 degrees of Fashionasty is naught(y) about the clothes, butt about your attitude! So you have to really get it, commit it, and not quit it!!! Like Josie Geller, go after what you want in life and dress like another generation. Dress like YOUR generation. The generation of your DREAMS!!!

This post is approved by fashionasty princess, Aldy’s:

Totally Rufus,



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