Waiting 2 XXXhale: Fashionasty Reflexxxions On Whitney Houston

Where do broken hearts go, fashionasties?!
Fashionasty Headquarters, of course!

I know this post cums well past it’s (s)exxxpiration date but I think that I wanted 2 dance with somebody, and that somebody was my thoughts for awhile. I had 2 wrap my head around the fact that the greatest luv of all was no longer with us.

We Will Always Luv U Whitney…

Me, larping as Dolly to Whitney:

Hail 2 the guardians of the watchtowers of the North,
the powers of Earth: I call upon you to protect Bobbi Kristina:




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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