Relief 4 Robin, Monica, & Darrelle

If ur a fashionasty reader & u have a few xxxtra $$$, our dear friends Monica Yi, Darrelle Vary and Robin Newman need our help! They survived a horrible, horrible electrical fire. The same can’t be said for their two dogs Malcolm (who was the only boyfriend for me, really and everyone is devastated by this unearthly loss), and Chicken, unfortunately. Everything they owned, including their Brooklyn apartment was destroyed. Thankfully they are all alive, but one of them is in critical condition at Bellevue after a five story fall. Stay strong, Robin! We all luv u! Any help, resources, or donations for food/CLOTHING(men’s and women’s – they are both small so any size is ok)/pet supplies/medical bills would be much appreciated. They are staying with friends until they can find a more permanent home.

U can donate here/queer:

Relief 4 Robin, Monica, & Darrelle.

Right now, queerz need each other more than ever!!! Don’t just rest of the floral ashley of your laurels, every $$$ helps! Don’t prove 2 others, prove 2 urself that ur a gorgeous queer beauty that supports ur brothers and sisters!!!




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Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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