Gemini’s Twin Cities Gal: Tripl3 Thr3at Holly Hilgenberg

[Photo taken by Jake Thompson]

Fashionasty Q&A Series Presents:
Gemini’s Twin Cities Gal:
Tripl3 Thr3at Holly Hilgenberg

Fashionasty Headquarters was lucky enuff to sit down with the Gemini Twin Cities Tripl3 Threat (who happens to be a Gemini!) Holly Hilgenberg. Other than dipping her toes in many of the 10,000 Lakes this past summer, she was making a big SPLASH in the blog world as well. Don’t let her blonde goldilocks fool you either. She’s a creative force of nature that’ll huff, puff, and blow your blog down. She’s one of my  nearest and dearest (we go way back, mind you). And we’re also in a coven together – Sisterhood of The Traveling Witches – so…it’s more like (true) blood, really.

Q: Name & Occupation?

Holly Hilgenberg, buyer at the resale shop Everyday People Clothing Exchange, freelance writer and artist.

Q: Tell me about Yoko In Mom Jeans, (Did you know that I was a Y.I.M.J. fan since early 2008 when Fashionasty was first hitting the blogosphere!) Operation Sparkle, & C.L.A.P.

Operation Sparkle ( is the thrifting blog I run with one of my closest friends, Laurie Marman. It’s all about what treasures we find thrifting and is meant to encourage others to see the value in thrift store shopping. I personally have a problem with the current practices of production and consumption of fashion in our society, so I see this blog as one way of being critical of that (as well as being an outlet to brag about my finds).Yoko in Mom Jeans ( was my first blog ever. I started it to bitch about things I felt were unjust about the world (like how Conde Nast-y stopped publishing Jane magazine) but then got sick of it. A few years later, I got drunk off of Franzia, decided to make a joke fashion blog and made my boyfriend take pictures of me in different outfits in weird poses. I wanted it to be in response to how “serious” fashion blogs were. It is hard to keep up with fashion blogging when you need someone else to take pictures of you so that also fell to the wayside. Now I use it for a platform to present my freelance writing.

C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies are Powerful) ( started as a creative women’s collective by some friends and me back in 2006/7. It gave us an excuse to get together and drink, while talking about the fabulous plans we had for the collective. Over time, C.L.A.P. fell by the wayside, but my friend Lisa Luck and I revived it this spring as a progressive print zine, meant to be a space to support and promote creative women. We will be putting out our fourth (!) issue this winter, on the solstice (December 22nd). We are always looking for contributors, so if you are interested in contributing, check us out!

Q: You’re also a guest blogger for the Ironing Board Collective (How cool!) – Tell us how that came about & where do you draw inspiration. I died over your Sooki post – instant blog bookmark!

I actually just had my last post yesterday—it’s amazing how fast eight weeks can go! I originally found out about IBC through my friend Carly, who, like me, is a fashion progressive (ha). This post on Prince solidified my admiration for the board, and when they were looking for guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance to be part of it. I found that the IBC was a chance for me to explore some topics that I had been thinking about for a while but didn’t have a proper venue for, so it ended up being quite the eclectic group of posts—ranging from everything from the aforementioned Sookie Stackhouse anti-style icon post to ones on comfort shoes and do’s and don’ts for fashion magazines.

Q: You’re an inspiration. Did I ever tell you that whenever I listen to “Who’s Gon Stop Me?” by Kanye & Jay Z, I dedicate it to you and your work ethic. What’s spinning in your record player or ipod when you get dressed to go out?

You are so sweet! And no one is! I have been on a classic rock kick lately, so Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Flamin’ Groovies, Bob Seger and Heart. Prince, of course. My favorite modern music to get ready to party to is The Kills, though I typically collect current music I like and just make mixes from that. In the end, though, nothing makes me want to do shots and shake my booty more than Led Zeppelin.

My best going out music was curated back in college, by my old roommate (and great friend) Eric. He always played the best dance jams, so I’d be interested to know what he has on his playlist now.

Q: What are you wearing RIGHT NOW!!!

Um. Well, at first, I was wearing a comfort-to-the-max outfit (all sweats and slippers), but then my word program started going apeshit so I took a break and showered. I am channeling goth as inspired by a girl who came into the shop last night who was just precious—navy sweater over a black silk button up tank, black mini skirt and black tight, with a long silver pendant necklace. But I am still wearing the slippers.

Q: Amazing. Describe your personal style.

Geminic. I constantly am shifting what sort of look I want to go for, which often ends up in not looking like a look at all, but more of a hot mess. Every season, I come up with a new influence (this fall it is “art teacher/sexy grandma”) and try to use that for a starting point.

I’m jealous of people who can really commit to a look. Although I am not really into the jib jab (rockabilly) style, I admire how committed people are to that look. I want to do that for my own style, but I suppose it will just take a while before I get there.

Q: Was there an article of clothing that you discovered while shopping that really started your love affair with style? Elaborate & share a funny story.

I had this amazing one-piece swimsuit that was blue with little black leopard spots all over it. I loved it so much that even when it was too small for me, I insisted on wearing it, even though I needed to layer a white shirt underneath to cover my ta-ta’s. This makes me cringe a bit now as the one fashion rule I have is no layering under tank styles, but I was only four or five, so I’ll let that one slide.

Q: Dead or alive, iconoclast or working class, who influences/ed, inspires/ed your personal style?

Stevie Nicks. Yoko Ono. Art teachers and grandmothers (see above). Organic farmers and hippies. Wizards and the Olsen twins.

Q: Who do you think really pushed the boundary of style and fashion in 2011?

Jake Thompson!

Q: That’s too nice, thank you! What do you think of fashion in MPLS?

For the most part, it is rather dull. I attribute this to two major factors: fear of being outside of the Scandinavian norm and the weather. The long winters make it difficult to experiment with clothing, especially if you rely on transportation other than an automobile.

I want people to get more wacky though, to embrace their inner fashionasty! Working in a resale shop, it always warms my heart to see people get really excited about the “weird” pieces—they are the kind of people I’d like to hang out with.

Q: What do you think of fashion/style blog culture in general?

We could do better. To quote Amy Poehler: “I’m over this weird, exhausted girl. I’m over the girl that’s tired and freezing and hungry. I like bossy girls, I always have. I like people filled with life. I’m over this weird media thing with all this, like, hollow-eyed, empty, party crap.”

I’ve been writing about blogs lately and their implications for women and have been really struck by how there is this contradiction between having these amazing, free platforms at our finger tips with which we can spread our creativity and, on the other hand, how blogging in general has become so homogenized. Let’s get weird people!

Q: Where do you see Yoko In Mom Jeans, Operation Sparkle, & C.L.A.P. in the future?

As the basis for my multi-media empire.

Don’t you just love her?!?! Be sure to look out for the winter issue of CLAP coming soon to a heartfelt hug near you – which Fashionasty was lucky enuff to have a guest writer spot!




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