When Jewish Upon A Star: BFF (Best Fran Forever) Fran Drescher & “Being Wendy”

(Fashionasty Jake & Fran Drescher – Nov 15, 2011 – Santa Monica, CA)

Fashionasty Presents:
When Jewish Upon A Star:
BFF (Best Fran Forever) Fran Drescher & “Being Wendy”

We got style.
We got flair.
I went there!
That’s how I met

Me meeting Fran:

I literally was like this the entire time:

We all know Fran Fine – the character – is my go-to gal for living life in the fashion forward lane:

for example:

And we also know Fran Drescher – living legend, actress, author, health – specifically women’s health – advocate, GLBT activist, role model, better-than-the-rest – is my ultimate inspiration in life.

Fran Drescher was at Books & Cookies last night to promote & do a book signing for “Being Wendy.” Although it’s marketed as a children’s book, the overall message laughs in the face of age because it’s a relatable tale for everyone.

Without giving too much away, Wendy lives in Boxville, a town where everyone wears a box with one word that defines who they are (i.e. “teacher” or “mom.”) Wendy has a hard time choosing a box because she can’t be labeled in a box, she thinks outside the box, and she has many “boxes,” she wears.

The story – like I try to do here at Fashionasty Headquarters – promotes originality and individuality. It’s a universal, powerful, and important lesson to teach children (& all ages) about living your life FOR YOU.

 “My whole life has been about changing negatives into positives.” – Fran Drescher 

It’s rare we get to meet our icons in life…but there I was clad in my poorman’s Cher Horowitz white knee highs with Fran Drescher at Books & Cookies in Santa Monica chatting away about our closets, Mr. Sheffield, Halloween costumes, and how meeting her [Fran] that night was a dream come true for me & many others in attendance…

Thanks Fran for always spreading positivity into the world and encouraging others to do the same!

And a special thank you to Chutney of Books & Cookies for making this all happen along with my new friend Cassie for taking my picture!




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4 Responses to When Jewish Upon A Star: BFF (Best Fran Forever) Fran Drescher & “Being Wendy”

  1. Albert says:

    ! ❤ ! ❤ ! ❤ ! ❤ ! ❤ ! ❤

  2. sakarisingh says:

    OMG I LOVE Fran Drescher!
    Plus, Amy Blay! She’s an awesome illustrator, thats really exiting!

  3. stupid girl says:

    this is so tight

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