Don’t B Avatardy 4 The Colonial Party: Imperialist Imperius Curse

[“Free 2 Be Me,” Original (F)art by Jake Thompson]

Fashionasty Presents:
Don’t B Avatardy 4 The Colonial Party:

Imperialist Imperius Curse

*DISCLA(I)M(M)ER: My brain & my blog melted collectively in the California sun yesterday – so this post ***was*** to be published yesterd(g)ay, fashionasties but my macbook baby needed to take a much needed disco nap…

In 1492, a dipshit named Chris Columbus criss-crossed the huey blue in search of what again? Land? Freedom? New ideas? Westernization? Fast-forward these questions to the mindless drones of the 21st Century on Planet Hipster and they’ll pretty much sum it up for you.

Donning a native american headdress or tribal appropriation as I’ll call it, has found a happy demise at PBR snatching lumberjack bro parties across the nation in recent years. Now I ask you hipster culture, by assimilating a headdress as a costume, does it really allow you to feel empowered, liberated, free, all the while in your skinny jeans too?

If you ask Fashionasty Headquarters, I think you look ignorant. Disrepectful. And I think you’re under the Imperialist Imperius Curse.

By taking ownership of a headdress as costume, or daily wear, you’re feeding the stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood & hipster-parties-in-the-valley, that Indians are a few things. 1) That they are of the past. Native Americans don’t wear ceremonial attire every day, but by instilling the imagery as such, you’re keeping Indians from existing as modern day people like everybody else. 2) The headdress bares minimal resemblance to the vast number of tribes in modern socierty. Native Americans are not a monolithic culture. There are over 500+ tribes.

In light, I know that no fashionasties will don this “costume” this cumming Halloween.




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