ғaѕнιonaѕтy dιgeѕт: weeĸly wrιтιngѕ on тнe wall #2

~*~*~*ғaѕнιonaѕтy dιgeѕт: weeĸly wrιтιngѕ on тнe wall #2*~*~*~

Welcum (bare)BACK to ur new weekly writings on the wall, lil nasties.
Thanxxx for cumming!

It’s been a busy here/queer at Fashionasty Headquarters. Who else would you be servicing on the Lord’s day than God (Getting. On. Dick.), fashionasties?! Y(SL), Fashionasty Headquarters of course, duh! Or rather, I’ll be doing most of the servicing (if you catch my drift!)

Here’s/Queer’s to hoping that you’ll take some much deserved time and play ketchup and corndog with this past week’s writings on the wall. (Sausage) incase you didn’t get the chance to see this week’s round-up, Fashionasty Headquarters will get you up to speed! Followed by the Top 8 stories of the week (most viewed by lil nasties), & Top 8 posts pulled from my burger vault (some are even 3.5 years old!) Get your bib on, it’s about to get sloppy!


1) ║▌│█Steve Jobs║▌║║▌The Apple Of Lady Gaga’s “i”: How The Machine-Behind-The-Mons†er Creates S.W.F. (Single. White. Females.), Cyber Bullying & Depression

2) Michele Bachmann S†arring In Her Lies Were Wa†ching G.O.D. (Getting On Dick): Don’t Mask, Don’† Smell & Noc†urnal Emission

3) Sweater Sychology: Get Ur Fall Knit Fixxx Fed & Ur Sweater Palms (Sp)read

4) Kreepin’ Up On The KarKrashians: Trans Phatty Phobixxx

5) The Boi Who Jizzed: Fashionasty & The Se7ven Deadly (White) Zins / Deathly (W)horecruxxxes

6) €αґт♄ ℐη☂ґü∂εґṧ: Fashionasty Top Ei8ht ☾ountdown: 3rd Rock From The ☼

*All other new posts have made it in the Top 8 stories of the week (i.e. Teen Dreams, Melancholia Movie Review & Larpers)…


1) Cinco De (Patti) Mayo(nnaise): †equila!

2) GΔGΔ’s Born †his Gay: Orientalizing A Bad Chola-mance

3) United States Of †error: Processed Government Cheeze & The Fashion Massacre Of How Straight (Jacket) Up Unpatri(di)otic Celebrating Murder Is!

4) “♏elancholia’s” Kirsten Dunst ♐n Re♈r♌grade & ♈he ♏oon ♑. ♏isogyny: A Fas♓ionasty Fil♏ Review


6) ғaѕнιonaѕтy dιgeѕт: weeĸly wrιтιngѕ on тнe wall #1

7) TeeN dReAm PhAnTaSy PhAsHi☯n: sɥɔʇıʍq uɥəəʇ

8) Spice Up Ur Life: How Spice Grrls & DIThigh Or Die Pla†forms Will Get U Closer 2 G.O.D. (Getting On Dick)


1) Clarissa (S)explains It All: Pizza > ProActive

2) La (Amuse-)Bouche: Be My Haute Hors d’œuvre Couture Luver

3) Pent(agram)Haus Of WI†CHKRΔF†: Exorcising Ur Fashionasty Closet

4) It’s A Hard Knock(Offs) Life 4 Us: Phony Bologna Phasion


6) Bubble (Wet) Dreams: Pop It Like It’s Haute

7) Trainspotting: Leopard Print Tampons

8) FashionastyWeekly Who Whore It Better: Barbies Vs. Trolls

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Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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