TeeN dReAm PhAnTaSy PhAsHi☯n: sɥɔʇıʍq uɥəəʇ

Fashionasties should never be ashamed. Having regret in the demise of a lil nasty really benchwarms living lyfe in the fashionasty fast food lane. Butt there’s always a teeny, tiny, weiney, milli-gigabyte of space for a shiny coat of embarrassment now-and-then. Like when you’re BFF finds you at the crossroads, sandwiched between the TeeN FaNtAsY & graphic novel se(xxx)cions at Barnes & Noble. More specifically, making a pros and cons ven diagram of whether or not purchasing the larger vs pocketsize edition of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series is more cost effective while keeping to the kin of your fandom. EW. In the (reciprocated) words oh Shaggy, “It WAS me.”

Butt then it got me thinking:

Y(SL) was I – a 24 yr old boi wonder – red-in-the-face because I was caught in a young adult fiction bookmance? Was it my age? Was it because I wanted to take the True Blood books and go to Paperback Mountain and naught(y) quit them?

I think that it may have been a slide shade of both. However, Fashionasty Headquarters has ALWAYS been a community of non-ageist outsiders. So I thought of a simple solution so that you’ll never have to feel glitter guilt when you’re caught red handed creeping with the teen book series next door/whore. . .

~*~*~*DreSS liKe A TeeN dReAm SiNsAtIoN*~*~*~

The w(g)ay I see it:

✿The smaller the shirt✿
✿The shorter the shorts✿
✿The higher the knee socks✿
✿The tinier the backpack✿

…you can pretty much get aw(g)ay with everything.

✿Grow your hair out✿
✿Scratch your metallic blue nail polish✿
✿Wear a tiny top with big pants✿
✿Wear a big top with tiny bottoms✿
✿Wear overalls✿
✿Wash your face with Neutragena✿

…you can be clean, clear, & under control.

✿Wear a tiny hat with flowers✿
✿Wear a big hat with primary colors✿
✿Eat chicken nuggets✿
✿Eat a hot pocket✿
✿Drink orange soda✿
✿Go to the Zoo✿

…the world is your osyter.

Fashionasty Headquarters Presents:
 TeeN dReAm PhAnTaSy PhAsHi☯n: sɥɔʇıʍq uɥəəʇ

This message approved by the orig T.D.I.C. (Teenage. Dream. In. Charge.):

Marc Bolan




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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One Response to TeeN dReAm PhAnTaSy PhAsHi☯n: sɥɔʇıʍq uɥəəʇ

  1. hollyhilgenberg says:

    “go to the zoo”

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