[Jake & Sheila wear Vintage Archive, SE7EN MILE FA$HION, July, 2k11]

Nerd met nasty on a bicycle built for two at the corner of Soap & Factory (I know, I know this post is like two months stale butt there’s no need to be a loaf in the bread boxxx about it. In the wurdz of Joey Lawrence: WHOA. Do I sound like I recently moved to the Valley(grrrl) of the Dolls or what?!?! Promise the only plastic I conceive is from the 2/$2 hotdogs from 7-11s – yes, CA has them too!)

I think bi-(curious) now it’s certainly fact that Fashionasty is ALWAYS fashionastibly late. BUTT, in my defense, I was having the best summer of my life living life in the fashionasty fast food lane and JUST now getting to regale, recap, and reload the tails from the (summer) Krypt. . .

Alas, we pilfer further into what lies bequeeth: LARPING.

For those of you who aren’t familiar:

I think the single most (fatal) attraction Fashionasty shares with LARPers are their commitment to COMMUNITY. Like Fashionasty, we celebrate our likenesses (and our knee highs!) We push each other’s fashion and we push each other’s nasty. It’s a win-win double-headed one-eyed monster. For LARPers, there’s an entire WORLD – namely Kingdom of Notivas – where they share a passion in something devoid of ego. Self-aware and self-insured (some of the costumes I saw must’ve cost a pretty penny), they’re able to embark on a journey beyond this duality, leaving this life, and entering another one. Sort of like sleep apnea. Or mixing Xanax with russian water. Fashionasty does this on the double (with a side of sweet potato fries, balsamic reduction, & a sprig of rosemary), because we make our fashionasty fantasies our fashionasty realities. 

Naturally, pbff (Patronus Best Friend 4ever) Sheila and I – in honor of Lily Potter & H.P.I.C. (Head. Professor. In. Charge) Severus Snape – we went as Patroni. Think Diane Keaton in “First Wives Club” meats Bambi.

[“Bambi Keaton,” Original (F)art by Jake Thompson]

Naught(y) just to the Soap Factory. Naturally, we went to the MOA to see Deathly Hallows Part Deuce. AND – later we dined at Tiger Sushi AND knight-capped at Bar 19. Patroni are like Veela. They get around!

Justifying sixty dollars at Seven Mile Fashion, we arrive @ Soap Factory – which major props to the organizers – I really felt like a bar wench. What’s new???!!!

What set us apart is that while all the other LARPers partook in their story line, we were larpers at Hogwarts. So really, we were a duality within a vortex, within a K-hole. Several contextual layers inside an uncanny valley. AKA Level 5 Cosplayers, which apparently is the highest form for LARPing. Ponder-me-this fashionasties, when you’re on the fashionasty scat walk on the runway of life, are you larping, cosplaying, dragging? When do you know which reality you are in? I think that’s what makes being a fashionasty fun. Just listen to ur fart, it’s all ur fantasy. It’s all ur wet dream.

[“(S)expecto Patroni!!!” Jake, Amalia, Sheila, Soap Factory, July 2k11]

This message proved by H.L.I.C. (Head. Larper. In. Charge.) Ludacriss:




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Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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