ғaѕнιonaѕтy dιgeѕт: weeĸly wrιтιngѕ on тнe wall #1

~*~*~*ғaѕнιonaѕтy dιgeѕт: weeĸly wrιтιngѕ on тнe wall #1*~*~*~

Welcum 2 ur weekly writings on the wall, fashionasties.

For those of whom may naught(y) know, Fashionasty has been churning and yearning for your love for over THREE+1/2 years now (I’m such a happy meal and truly, madly, deeply, touched by your support (bras). . .

That being said, there are posts from the burger graveyard that you might have missed or cross-(dressed) over – so I’ll be pulling out a fresh batch of digital cookie bytes weekly from beyond the veil and into ur vain. Kinda like Vault Disney unlocking family valued classics (a la Bambi and/or Snow White) and reselling them in Blu-r(g)ay. It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital M – a – r – k – e – t – i – n – g,  we’re just 2-D livin’ in a 4-D world.

Fashionasty Headquarters is also introducing a weekly reader’s digest round-up of the top posts.

***This isn’t some plow because I’m running out of fuel btw. . .believe you me, there is an endless stream of unconscious vomit that I’m holding my hair back and preparing to flush down your cranial toilet every fashionasty night. It’s just that I’m amazing, duh. And so are you! Just thought you should read between my archival knee-thighs.***

So pop it like it’s squat and put a sock on the door, it’s time to say Fashionasty’s name.


1) GΔGΔ’s Born †his Gay: Orientalizing A Bad Chola-mance

2) United States Of †error: Processed Government Cheeze & The Fashion Massacre Of How Straight (Jacket) Up Unpatri(di)otic Celebrating Murder Is!

3) The Boi Who Jizzed: Fashionasty & The Se7ven Deadly (White) Zins / Deathly (W)horecruxxxes

4) Spice Up Ur Life: How Spice Grrls & DIThigh Or Die Pla†forms Will Get U Closer 2 G.O.D. (Getting On Dick)

5) Golden Starches: Ronald McDonald Haus Of Phat Food Fashion

6) Season Of †he Wi†ch: I’m Coven I†!

7) Kreepin’ Up On The KarKrashians: Trans Phatty Phobixxx

8) Marry The FashionastyWeekly Night: Peggy Bundy Vs. Kelly Bundy



2) The Britney Houston Cookbook

3) Pent(agram)Haus Of WI†CHKRΔF†: Exorcising Ur Fashionasty Closet

4) Second Grade Teacher Couture

5) Naught(y) “Demented,” Just D-I-V-I-N-E: How U Can Never Be “2 PHAT”

6) The (Se)x-Files: Alien Apparel

7) True Hollywood Story: The Hamburglar

8) Thank You For Being A Trend.

Grab an (s)exxxtra roll of TP & shake your fashionasty T&A!




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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