Welcum 2 The PunishmentHaus & How ABC’s “Cruel Intentions” Makes Them A (Dawn) Wiener: Ugly Betty >>> Glee

Normally I luv wieners. Dawn Wiener. Wiener dogs in little sweaters. Beer brats in a bun. Add some kimchee or sauerkraut & I’ll be the bologna in ur Wonderbread any d(g)ay! Butt, an article came out of the digital closet last week that really hit close to home(o) here/queer at Fashionasty Headquarters: Ugly Betty’s Eric Mabius: “The Punishment Was Apparent Every Week.” resulting in today’s Fashionasty post:

Fashionasty Presents:
Welcum 2 The PunishmentHaus
& How ABC’s “Cruel Intentions”
Makes Them A (Dawn) Wiener:
Ugly Betty >>> Glee

Eric Mabius
Notable 4 playing “gay” characters:

“Cruel Intentions”


“The L Word”

Butt it was his role as fleeting suburban summer dreamboat Steve Rodgers in
“Welcome To the Dollhouse”

…that made me go like this:

I can’t speak for a crew of 150 and/or a lead cast of 14 actors, butt, I think it’s safe to say that the Ugly Betty family was not only shocked when our cancellation was announced last Spring, butt, we were also truly devastated…

Betty’s philosophy, or rather, her philosofashion – of staying tru 2 urself & following ur dreams – was a universal message that viewers connected with weekly…

I’ll be the first to say that I was – and still am – a nerd nasty for the show. It never dawned on me, that the root of our show’s cancellation came from an executive at ABC (Disney owned) that was uncomfortable with our show’s alternative lifestyle characters…

I applaud Mabius for using his platform & sticking up for not only the creative integrity of the show’s writing & openness to portray and emphasize “alternative lifestyles” – this term disgusts me btw bc we’re really not alternative if we’re everywhere, right? – , but to stick up for our crew – a crew predominately filled with “alternative lifestyles” & how hard we worked to push the boundaries for the disenfranchised along with craving our own path & defining what we thought was fit for “families” to watch when they turned on the tube. If u didn’t like it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! 

I find it so insulting that this alleged executive couldn’t even be the bigger person and visit us on set. Instead of seeing all the inspired magic we created every day with all the amazing people behind and in front of the camera, he chose to cool off his limp biscuit & sit in his ventilated office in Burbank, CA. I’m sure his tiny penis felt SO big when he ’86ed our show. Power resides in the most criminal of places, right?!

Coincidentally, The Florida Family Association (barf!) put a warning in the sky two days ago for Gay Day at Disneyland:

They said, “FFA wants to warn these families about this offensive event before they arrive at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday.”

I love that we’re considered a warning! It’s like we’re Ursula, Jafar, or Captain Hook. Maybe this crooked executive was behind this too…


Irony will 4ever (s)exxxist in the world of television, so long as current popular (homophobic/racist/marginal/hookedonphonics) show Glee brainwashes you into consuming ur stereotype on a totally meta and physical assumption and breaking out into random song and dance to cope with ur said stereotype.

4 the record, Betty was doing “gay” WAY before Glee, AND, we did it justice. Rather than (s)exploiting the idea of “coming out,” Justin Suarez – Betty’s nephew – played by my badass baby brother Mark Indelicato – flipped it and reversed it, in his own special way.

It’s maddening to me that categorization & “family values” exist solely to control popular perception of what’s deemed aspirational and/or “normal”. I’ll forever be royally offended because Betty really helped my growth, and fans’ growth around the world. I could sum up what I’d say to this executive (besides this entire article about “Cruel Intentions” & weiners) it would be the following:

Oh…and this too:

This post is dedicated to Eric Mabius, butt also my Ugly Betty family. We fought til the end for our dream and no stupid executive will ever take that from our conscious!

 [What’s wrong with my hair? I don’t know either!]




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One Response to Welcum 2 The PunishmentHaus & How ABC’s “Cruel Intentions” Makes Them A (Dawn) Wiener: Ugly Betty >>> Glee

  1. Sakari says:

    LOVED the show, you’re so lucky to have been a part of it. I had no idea that all this drama was going on behind the scenes, it’s too bad the show had to be cancelled because of some higher-up-turd. Although I am (was?) a fan of Glee, I agree that Ugly Betty did the “coming out” story with WAY more originality and class. Fantastic show.

    btw have you seen Popular? It’s Ryan Murphy’s first teen show, I LOVE it.

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