United States Of †error: Processed Government Cheeze & The Fashion Massacre Of How Straight (Jacket) Up Unpatri(di)otic Celebrating Murder Is!

[“Gov’t Chze Bombz” Original (f)Art by Jake Thompson]
[“Holding Out 4 A Gyro” Original (f)Art by Jake Thompson]

Fashionasty Presents:

United States Of †error:
Processed Government Cheeze & The Fashion Massacre Of How Straight (Jacket) Up Unpatri(di)otic Celebrating Murder Is! 

How can you have the best May Gay of ur lyfe yesterday –
where pagan faeries from all over bask in one another’s hearts, hugs, & drugz celebrating unity & love (which a Fashionasty post will be cumming soon don’tyouworry!) – and then wake up to the most horribly calculated, cracked out, tacked out, and wacked out news that has defined our generation celebrating murder?!

Unless u were gettin’ 2 drrty 2 clean ur scat up last night at the Hunx & his Punx show, u have no (s)excuse if u haven’t heard what was smeared all over CNN last night. And in the event that you still may have not heard about it: u can see it in stop sign-sized font in Pioneer Press’ Cover Story – which I find coincidentally ironic that Earth Day JUST happened, yet we’re willing to print a huge headline that takes half a page up to insult and mock probably the biggest story of the year.

Processing Bin Laden’s death is one thing…but the media’s terror tactix are really jocking my steez on this hefty government cheeze stinkuation.

It’s frustrating knowing that the leader of the United States of Terror is quoted saying,

” Justice has been done.”

I’m pretty unproud to be an American right now…

(Fast forward to 2:30 for ur viewing (guilty) pleazure…)

Above all, tweety birds all over the interweb are trending #winning today in their achy breaky twitter he(f)arts.

Firstly – shame on you! Bad ‘ol puddy tats!
Celebrating murder is NOT winning.

Talk about reverse psychology on an already sticky situation. Religious organizations, political groups, & social media outlets today continually process their meaty chunks of fear and produce manipulative, manufactured double-decker burger supremes.

People’s reactionary go-to by throwing huge parties and waving their flags really puts the mad in my cow disease.

I say we throw out are reds, whites, and blues…

…and put on sum straight jackets…

…if it’s OK to dump a body in the sea & than parade victory around town, than those are some (nuclear) arms I don’t wanna hug! Fashion Massacre Of The Decade!!!

Holding Out For A Gyro never made more sense to me.

Besides, falafel >>> gov’t cheeze.

This message approved by the H.S.J.I.C. (Head. Straight. Jacket. In. Charge): Kelis




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