Smoking Mirrors: Create Ur Own Illusion @ MNFashionWk

Fashionasty met MNFashionWk on a bicylce built for two last Thursday at the Grainbelt Factory for Emma Berg & Kevin Kramp’s runway collexxxtions. So what’s a fashionasty to do when she’s with “the press?”

Fashionasty Presents:

Smoking Mirrors:
Creating Ur Own Illusion @ MNFashionWk

Sometimes you move to a restored attic in Uptown and you go without a mirror for a week…and sometimes it coincides with MNFashionWk. NBD. So what’s a grrrl to do in this unvanity flair predickament???


Here’s/Queer’s the brass knot:

U already don’t know what u look like, fashionasties, so u have to leave the haus already BELIEVIN’ u got it going on, so u can bang ur gong! If u can build ur burger confidence up this much, u’ll be the first thang ordered off the one million dollar value menu at the nearest fashionasty driv-thru window near you.

Shh! Don’t tell any fashionasty-phobixxx this, butt, I’m about to share one of my biggest chamber of secret(ion)s with you,fashionasties! How do you think Fashionasty (s)exists?!?!

Smoking. Mirrors.

The most powerfull thingy my favorite NYC wing(ywo)man Doreen Hoff taught me, was to always live life through “Smoking Mirrors.”

If you don’t have a mirror? More power to ur peephole! We can’t all be the tom to our own voyeur, so Y(SL) naught(y) let someone peeve your sleeves and u just worry about how many biznasty cards ur gonna be putting in ur vintage formica roled(s)ex!

The contraceptive to smoking mirrors would be not believing in ur wet dream. The immaculate conception of honing the smoking haughty looking back in ur mirror is just bi-curiously looking at urself in ur heart, and trust urself enuff that u can be and do whatever u set ur he(f)art out to do!

Now everybody can be a stylist. A writer. A scuba diver. An asstronaut. An ASSasSIN. Just dress the p(f)art, and leave nothing to glarer’s imagination that u r infact whut u say u is. Does that make sense? I’m listening to Janet Jackson while I type this, so I’m slightly distracted by cut-off jersey tops and wrist pads, butt I digress…

Whut I’m really trying to get at is that through the lens of smoking mirrors, Fashionasty is doing whut u can be doin’ too! There’s no illusion, it’s all dungeons & dragons. And u foster and carry that same (s)exact magik too!!! I just woke up one d(g)ay and said I was a “stylist”. It’s just a title. Simple as scat, my fashionasty friendz.

Two kisses (for fashion week, of course!),




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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One Response to Smoking Mirrors: Create Ur Own Illusion @ MNFashionWk

  1. The Hoff says:

    Smokin’ Haute!
    We have ’em all fooled. Suckas. xxx

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