Born This (Gate)Way: Whoreticulture HausFraus & 420 W(g)ays 2 Be A (Savage) Garden Hoe

I guess there’s this holid(g)ay called Four Twenty, today…

Have you ever heard of it, fashionastiez?!

Apparently, there’s this gatew(g)ay hug that has (butt)loads of different names and you can put it in all sorts of little gorgeous things like brownies and gold-leafed chocolate truffles. And I also heard that it makes you so happy you say “hi” to everybody. Super kewt, right?! How can something so wrong, be so right?!

So, I thought Fashionasty Headquarters should tribute the Cannabis/Abyss with…

Born This (Gate)Way:
Whoreticulture HausFraus & 
420 W(g)ays 2 Be A (Savage) Garden Hoe

DISCLA(I)M(M)ER: Don’t worry fashionasties, ur always on the right track if ur living and loving yourself everyd(g)ay, & this post in no w(g)ays is pushing your bra up without asking. Recreational scativity is in the sty of the beef holder, so guard ur girdle, & only p(f)artake if u truly, madly, deeply, want to!

1) POT

Whether ur a super bougie foodie OR just a metal head, now u can be both. Judas Priest shirts r kool, butt y naught(y) just throw the stir fry panny on ur fashionasty fanny?!?!

Don’t have a pot? That’s OK! Just use aluminum!

2) NUGG$

Nothing makes ur meal happier than some (chicken) nuggs. So grab ur BBQ haute sauce & dip into some fried finger-licking fashion!

3) W33D$

Got some weeds to pull?! Y naught(y) make a dress to go cover ur (secret) garden. Ur Ina Garden.

[Screengrabs sold seperately]


Once you trip, you’ll start seeing things in a whole new w(g)ay:

5) BUD$

U’ve made it to the final gatew(g)ay, fashionasties! U can’t be the only whore that lives in ur whoreticulture…that’s y it’s so important to have ur buds with u!

So grab ur mary-jane platforms & ur grrls & celebrate being born this (gate)way!

This message approved by the H.W.I.C. (Head. Whoreticulture. In. Charge) Jerri Blank:

& this post wouldn’t be complete w/o the savage in ur garden:




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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