JurA$$ic Farts: Masculinity Found In (F)ar(t)cheologists’ Fossils

[JurA$$ic Fart, 2009]

*DISCLA(I)M(M)ER: Fashionasty Headquarters is a non-ageist community, butt for this p(f)articular post, I’ll be using time and years to make a stainment.

Dinosaurs xxxact (s)extinction date is undefinable. However, most scientists claim it’s nearly 65 MILLION years ancient when the Tyrannysaurus Rexes & Brontonasties of the volcano (lava lamp) land were buried six(ty-nine) feet under. And according to Fox News’ “Gender Bender Story,”, that’s about how old the concept of Masculinity is too! If ur naught(y) much of a  reader, here’s/queer’s ABC’s video!

I’ve got a few bones to pick here/queer:

1) Tranvestite vs. Transgendered

I can’t believe it’s 2k11 & ignorant reporters continue to fail dusting off their fossils about knowing the right terminology when talking about a group of people. If the Mayans are correct and the Avatars are cumming in Apocalypse 2k12, than we, as humans are already (S)EXTINCT. If it’s only a year aw(g)ay, and we still take vanity in the w(g)ay we naught(y) only use our words, butt how we take ownership of words we may naught(y) be akin too as well, then we are definitely dead cavepeople walking/stalking.

Just because the supposed “gay caveman” was burried with objects more commonly found in female burial dwellings, who’s to say he was a transvestite aka “cross-dresser”? What if he, actually felt more like a she (a la transgendered), did you ever consider the caveperson’s spirtual consent, News/Douche Stations of America?!

2) Masculinity should be (s)extinct, naught(y) Dinosaurs!

I truthfully, whole-he(f)artedly do naught(y) believe in the concept of Masculinity. If anything, I wish Veliciraptors were still roaming the Earth, and naught(y) this diseased-ridden ideology of how a specific gender is suppose to be and act.

*On a totally non-related note, how cute would it be to have a Compsoganathus for a pet?! Like, with a tiny papoose and I could carry him/her to The Wedge. Dying!!! Ever since fourth grade, I’ve wanted one!!!

Back to the JurA$$tixxx:
Haven’t we reached a place mentally that we can be secure in whatever we decide for ourselves?! It’s like being embarrassed of what’s on your iPod…it’s so effing trivial, bc at the end of the d(g)ay, it’s UR iPod, not anyone else’s!

Who cares if he was buried with vases or weapons?!
Does that make him/her any less of a human?!
PLUS – how is this even news?!


Any biology teacher can tell you that. 

Our dooty as fashionasties is 2 bury these (f)ar(t)cheologist’ fossiled w(g)ays, and start digging our own w(g)ay of thinking. This shouldn’t be news-worthy and it shouldn’t shock people if a boy/girl wants to look like or be like a girl/boy.

Let’s keep the prehis/hertoric prints on our clothes, naught(y) on eachother’s gender preference!!!




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