Blaque History Month: Celebrate Ur Fashionasty 24/7/365

OK. So he cheated on his wife. With his step-grand daughter. Freudian slip!

DISCLA(I)M(JUIC)ER: This post doesn’t reflect Fashionasty’s stance on double dipping in the che(etos)ater paté by any means…NOR does it’s efforts strive to offend anyone in any w(g)ay. To quote India Arie,”This is all my opininon…nothing I’m saying is law.”

So putting his personal low infidelities aside (salad), Morgan Freeman makes a good point(er) sister.

He already played God once in ‘Bruce Almighty,’ however, after his bit on 60 minutes about Black History Month, I believe he’s GOD even off the silver screen.

Eloquently put: “[Black History Month] is ridiculous. You’re really going to relegate my history to a month?”

I think that his statement tran(ny)scends across race, across gender, across sexual orientation & preference, across all groups…it definitely hits close to home(o) here/queer at Fashionasty Headquarters…

Why celebrate urself ONE month outta the year fashionasties, when YOU could be celebrating ur fabulous fashionasty self 24/7/365 days out of a glitter calendar!!!

If we all just came outta our fashionasty closets every morning when we woke up and found a fashionasty halo hanging from our gf/bf/bff/bffae’s four-post bed…we’d be the sugar to our ray every day and not need to limit ourselves to a day, a week, a month…

So I thought what better w(g)ay could I “bring it all to me” – while simultaneously not putting what Morgan Freeman said in vain – than to do a post on BLAQUE FA$HION. That’s right. I’m talking about these fly bitches:

Blaque. To some, they were the poorman’s Destiny’s Child. Others claimed they were the poorman’s Destiny’s Child’s TLC. Ouch. To each their own. Butt to me, they first caught my eye in middle school, while watching my then favorite feature film: Bring It On.

Don’t act like you didn’t get down with this movie in 1999.
Who cares?! Admit it right now.

If you were like me, seventh grade was holiday-color themed brace bands on my weasel teeth & sweater vests so fly they’d make Doug Funny’s alter ego “Quail Man” cry. Like most fashionasties, I hadn’t fully cum out of my fashionasty closet yet, butt when my older brother came home from Blockbuster with Bring It On on VHS, I’d like to think that’s when I started to be my OWN cheerleader.

I’m not talking about the ponytails or the mega-phones…if that’s where you get ur (high) kicks, fine by me…butt I’m talking more along the lines of finding my own way to rah-rah-rah me. To cheer on my own freak flag! And now, I’m asking you to cheer ur own fashionasty flag, too!

Don’t count down the days on ur jail(bait) cell wall to celebrate a big event, a big month, a big weekend…find ur inner pom-poms and start celebrating ur fashionasty self

In my opinion, if we all pom-pom pamper ourselves on the daily, we can celebrate our fashionasty team spirit full-year, full-time, full-circle…and if we’re the leaders of our own cheer/queer, we can cheer/queer on our fashionasty brethen that don’t feel like they can cheer/queer themselves. Sisters gotta (spirit) stick together! That way, when the haterz force us to think we’re DIFFERENT thru categories/labels/illusions/blahblahblah – we’ll band together our own rahrahrah with one another, and realize that we’re all actually the SAME.

So…celebrate ur “month,” ur Pride parade,
ur fashionastiness every day in every w(g)ay!

Rah Rah Ooh La La!




About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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