Trainspotting: Leopard Print Tampons

It’s a JUNGLE out there on the fashionasty scatwalk:

So what’s the best way to get keep up with the karFLASHians? Y(SL), Leopard print, of course. Duh. It will make you the gossip of every girl because not only will you get SPOTTED, butt people will want to break off a piece of your kitty kat bar too.

Check out what-what my pal, fashion-forward feline Holly Hilgenberg of Operation Sparkle, put in her thrifting carts’ butt:


Holly’s the go-to thrift guru & can help you put the party in your girl for any occassion. In the words of Hall & Oates: She made all my (fashionasty) dreams cum true: A neon-pink snow suit (Goldfrapp is crying somewhere in the uni-sphere).
Visit her at Everyday People!

[Consenticorn & Anne photographed by Elliot Jobe]


Just like fashionasty’s ph(allic)ilosophy: ur outer HAU$ of beauty is ONLY as gorgeous as ur interior wallpapered halls. So naturally, just because you look like a str8 up stunnah in ur new spotted Lanvin coat, don’t think it’s gonna get past a fashionasty if you haven’t crossed all the (strip)tease & dotted the spots on the inside, too. So before you stamp ur tramp of approval on any leopard print leotard, don’t forget to bring your spotted double-wide tamps, too.

As Justin Beiber says, “Never Say Never.” Cuz u can NEVER can be certain that ur always gonna be spotless. Over-leopard stimulation leakage is nothing to be ashamed of. Just BE PREPARED, my fashionasty comrades…

That way, when ur Jay Z’s (aka Young H.O.) wife, u’ll really be his YOUNG FLOW:

Happy trainspotting, fashionasties!

Practically (mink) stole this cape coat at the Mall of St. Paul off Selby Ave. Fran Fine would give me two thumbs up because it’s a) it’s leopard trimming  and b) it was on mega-clearance!




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Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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