Amanda Tanen IS “Whaaattt’s Haute!”

Here at Fashionasty Headquarters, I think Amanda Tanen IS “What’s Haute.”

Ugly Betty’s departure in Spring 2010 was not only an unfortunate day in the TV world, butt also in the devoted and dedicated hearts of fashionasties across the glitter globe. Beyond the beautiful message of owning your “Ugly,” each week, Betty provided viewers a glimpse into the fashionasty closets of each character. Who, in my mind, each had their own style to match their unique personalities.

*I hate when peeps namedrop becuz I usually need a vacuum to clean up all the names their dropping, butt in this particular post, I deem myself worthy becuz I infact AM friends with her, and had the pleasure of working with her for two and a half years…I’m tawking about Becki Newton, who played Amanda Tanen – the late, gr8 Faye Summers’ daughter – who, in my opinion, was the FASHIONASTIEST of them all.

Not only was she FASHION:

She was also NASTY:

Amanda could’ve been precieved as Betty’s arch nemesis in the earlier seasons, butt, with her luv-to-hate-her, rooting-for-her-persona that Newton played so hilariously, matched with her fashionasty wardrobe choices, how could she not becum ur fashionasty favorite?!

She was a Haughty McNaughty, who didn’t apologize for it:

Her fierce tenacity to mime Wilhelmina’s style (a la Posh Spice), paired with her luv/hate approach to diss/keep up with Betty simultaneously, AND make it nasty each week crowns her the fashionastiest in the halls of Mode Magazine if you ask me!

We miss you, Ugly Betty!




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