Keep Sippin’ That H8erade Cuz We’re Killin’ It! (& Laffin’ all the way 2 the Bank).

If eyes were daggers, we’d already be six feet (th)under (thighs) fashionasties.

When people stare, we have two options: 1) We can internalize the (s)experience on the spot, klean out our kotex, and bleed sweat, blood, and glitter…OR 2) If they already don’t like you, make them HATE you!!! Or rather, HA(U)TE you. Unbutton your fashionasty trench coat, and smile with ur thighs. Flash them those pearly whites and walk the fashionasty scatwalk showcasing all ur lamézing a$$ets. Life is wasted on the boring, and I intend to KILL IT every time. And so should you, fashionasties!

Haterz Gunna Hate…

Butt it’s just gonna make us more famous, fashionasties! So in a swirling backwords sort of (s)existence, we really are a CIRCLE OF LYFE. The Haterz keep up on hatin’ cuz we keep it fly like a G6 (in this case a Glitter 666). To them, they think their penetrating glares and stares are killin’ us, butt don’t get too comfortable with those sharpened-knife pupils, filled with homophobia and rage, becuz REALLY, we’re KILLIN’ YOU!

That little earthquake in your he(f)art is bruisin’ for a cruisin’ becuz deep down you want to be with us. You want to put down ur nuclear arms, and pick up the glitter glue gun, and cum outta ur fashionasty closet!

*If ur still sippin’ on ur mad h8erade, than a) I suggest you leave, in the words of Real House Wife of Bev Hillz, Kyle: “I’m bored with you.” or b) has anyone ever suggested to you that all the while you keep puttin’ the negative in your Nelly, I’m laffin’ away as my bank account goes from FAT to PHAT?!

Well it is. Infact, all us fashionasties would like to thank the Scatcademy Union of H8ers, becuz without you, I wouldn’t be able to wipe my a$$ with $100 bills. K Thnx, Love U, buh bye!





About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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2 Responses to Keep Sippin’ That H8erade Cuz We’re Killin’ It! (& Laffin’ all the way 2 the Bank).

  1. Holly says:

    “smile with ur thighs….”
    best thing I have read all day.

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