Second Grade Teacher Couture

Dear fashionasties,

Remember in grade school when our teachers would tell us what kind of career we would have based off of our last names?! Well if not, let’s rewind to a little place I like to call Lincroft Elementary in suburban New Jersey.

At the tender forever age of seven, Mrs. Richfield destined that I would be either a doctor, OR infact a teacher…why anyone would trust me with prescription drugs or children is beside me, and most likely needs to have their head checked out because those are probably the last two things that I should be entrusted with. Kidding! I know when to cut myself off and I love kids. Sometimes…

Butt, as a proud (sucksessful) college dropout, I never really liked the teacher – student dynamic. Besides, aren’t we all constantly learning and teaching each other anyways?! I mean, besides Gaga aka Mother Monster, I don’t really idolize any higher authority. And neither should you fashionasties! Who’s who to tell you where to eat and take a poo?! You’re gorgeous and I’ll love you forever no matter whut.

Therefore, as I raise my fashionasty freak flag high, I figured, if I can’t be a licensed teacher, Y(SL) not just DRESS LIKE ONE?! And that is where my love of second grade teacher couture fashion cums from. This etheral, internalized, yearning to BE what Mrs. Richfield always dreamt I could be.

*The key is to go the VEST sections at all Uniques, Savers, Salvation Armies, etc. Haterz find these garbs absolutely atrocious, which is to our benefit fashionasties! There are usually holiday, animal anything, theme everything, one-for-every-occasion vests which give any plain turtleneck a pinch of pizazz and a gallon of fashionasty!

This post brought to you by living legend & the Queen of 2nd Grade Teacher Couture, none other than Mz. Frizzle:

Magik 2 Ur Skool,




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Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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