Oops! Glitter Nation did it yet again: We ran into the real life, true life, SCATMAN JOE! 

On the fateful morning after (pill) of America’s birthday, drunken fashionasties wake up from their burger coffins with one thing on their mind: BRUNCH. So with our powers combined, GN found themselves at the cozy nook of Smith and Union for a seven course (happy) meal, ketchuping up and regaling last night’s debauchery and soaking up the booze on an all carb diet. 

Little did they expect that, just like the white wing dove, that glitter life and scat life would collide in the next half witching hour. Between sips of mimosas and focacia binge consumption, what would normally appear on the boob tube of a Gossip Girl episode, SPOTTED! SCATMAN JOE! happened in full 4-D Cineplex style. 

They tried to make him go to Scathab, he said, “NO, NO, NO!’

Total Eclipse of the Go-Cart.
Are you the Don to my Ho? 

From the Hawaiian moo-moo, to the brass knuckles, this Fashionasty keeps it 98.6 degrees NASTY, and only 1.4 % fashion. This just proves that you can have your macadamian nuts, and eat ’em too! 

Everyone’s Favorite Tahitian Treat,



About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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