GLITTER people.

We can’t stress the importance of Glitter enough. In your wardrobe, in your worklife, in your daily existance, in the very fabric of your essence, glitter should be incorporated into your lifestyle 24/7/365.

Infact, the only failed attempt at Glitter we can think of was this:

Otherwise, glitter should pump through your heartstrings. Glitter should be your heroin. Glitter should be in the title of your band. Except GLITTER NATION has already become a household name via Mattel (and Micheal Bolton), thank you very much.


By adding just a pop of glitter into your mixed cocktail or magical elixir, you will instantly be the Belle of the ball! 

You know you love us,



About fashionastyjake

Fashionasty is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a trend that will never die young. I like borderline ugly street fashion. I like burgers. I'm desperate to find you.
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